zee Zee Sow Wai
Faculty Head
DSTA Academy


As a Faculty Head in DSTA Academy, Sow Wai design and develop the curriculum and conducts relevant research and collaboration in specific areas like project management and system engineering.

Sow Wai was Head Capability Development (Transport/Tanker) and a Senior Principal Engineer (Air Systems) before joining DSTA Academy. He oversees capability development for the transport and tanker projects, ensuring coherency in various aspects such as system architecture, interoperability and capability build-up.

Having managed many projects and handled complex technical and engineering problems, Sow Wai hoped to share his experience to the younger members in DSTA. He joined DSTA Academy in May 2013.

To promote teaching and encourage sharing within DSTA, Sow Wai actively seeks new training pedagogy and introduces active learning to engage the new generation of adult learners. He coaches and mentors DSTA lecturers in developing case studies, shares best practices in group facilitation and develops activity-based learning on dry or abstract topics to improve learning experience. 

Sow Wai also participates actively in sharing available tools and methodologies with other DSTA lecturers through sharing sessions and in DSTA Communities of Practice (CoP) web sites. He strives to innovate with new learning techniques in class to engage the learners and make learning an enjoyable experience.

Sow Wai is currently pursuing an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) course. “I have learnt many new concepts, adult learning theories, facilitation techniques and design of courses, and have also been advocating the use of real case studies to make training relevant, current and practical.”