Wayne Er Kim Hua
Course Manager
DSTA Academy


“My work in DSTA Academy is very rewarding and intellectually stimulating. My moral imperative is to assure that our engineers gain the necessary skills, knowledge and dispositions they need to meet the demands of today's defence landscape.”

Currently a Course Manager at DSTA Academy, Wayne Er develops and delivers the curriculum for systems engineering and project management courses. Wayne is passionate about his role as a Course Manager in DSTA Academy and has received great feedback from many course participants.

“Wayne is genuine and sincere in taking good care of participants be it generating cohesiveness, welfare or learning. He is also very helpful as he constantly summaries key learning points to clarify our doubts,” said one of the participants.

Prior to joining Academy, Wayne heads the Logistics Support Analysis team in the Systems Engineering Programme Centre. “My role not only requires me to have deep technical knowledge, but also understand the unique requirements of air, land and naval platforms as well as networked systems,” he shares.

“My team applies systems thinking to analyse engineering challenges and address complex issues at a macro level. For instance, we develop logistics planning tools that facilitate planning for different operations and exercises. The rich experiences that I have gained over the years have definitely prepared me well for my current role as a Course Manager” 

Wayne also frequently conducts lectures in the domain of systems engineering. Sharing on the aspect of learning strategy, he strongly feels the need to transform the way teaching was conducted today. 

"We live in a connected world, with the Internet literally at our fingertips. Today knowledge is everywhere and is easily accessible. Instead of focusing so much of our effort on the content, we really need to focus on helping our engineers learn, understand how to synthesize and analyse, and become passionate learners"

“We need a 21st century vision of teaching, where there are less teacher talk and more class interactions. The key challenge really is how I can empower our engineers and how to create an environment that is free from threat and stress, where they will be willing to take risks and share freely.”

If I have to describe myself in one word, I would say energetic. I always strive to look for new ways to do things better in everything I do. This may be as simple as finding better and creative ways to deliver a lecture that leaves a deep impression on the audience.