With the abundance of information available today, it is not easy to sieve out what is truly important. At a DSTA Lecture on 26 June 2019, Dr Vivian Chan, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sparrho, spoke about how the use of a content engine could help resolve the information overload epidemic.

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Dr Chan explained that Sparrho uses a ‘three-pronged approach’ to content recommendation. First, ‘data-data analysis’ is tackled using techniques such as natural language processing to provide appropriate research based on data provided by users. Second, ‘user-user interactions’ are utilised to propose a wider range of potentially relevant subject areas to users with similar interests. Third, ‘user-data interactions’ such as labelling articles as ‘relevant’ or ‘irrelevant’ within a particular scientific field allows for the personalisation of user newsfeeds.

Dr Chan was in Singapore as a speaker for the Singapore Defence Technology Summit 2019.