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Speaking at a DSTA Lecture on 26 June 2019, Mr Amir Husain, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SparkCognition, as well as best-selling author of "The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence", shared his thoughts on how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) could transform defence and fuel hyperwar.

Hyperwar is a type of lightning-quick conflict enabled by automated decision making and concurrency of action. It is characterised by infinite, distributed command and control capacity; instant mission adaptations; logistical simplification; and perfect coordination.

Systems of hyperwar include autonomous vessels for unmanned combat aerial vehicle carrier operations; anti-aircraft autonomous undersea systems with machine vision target acquisition, and AI augmented reality command, control and communications systems.

He explained that in this age of hyperwar, AI could be a 21st century deterrent due to its adaptability, speed, scalability and precision, by creating an alternative option for policy makers.

Mr Husain was also a speaker at the Singapore Defence Technology Summit 2019.