The rebranding of DSTA College as DSTA Academy is more than than just a name change; it marks the launch of a new chapter in DSTA's development as a learning organisation.


DSTA set up DSTA College in 2004 to develop and strengthen our core competencies in systems engineering and programme management of large-scale projects. DSTA College relied on senior engineers imparting experiential knowledge to new engineers to reinforce the theoretical knowledge that they had gained from their tertiary education.

To meet the increasing training demand from DSTA, MINDEF and the SAF, DSTA Academy was launched as a Programme Centre led by the President, a very experienced and well respected line director, on 1 April 2012 with an expanded scope to focus on delivering quality, practice-based training in systems engineering and project management of complex projects.

The establishment of the DSTA Academy marks a new chapter in DSTA's development as a learning organisation.