DSTA Academy spearheads the transformation of systems engineering education and programme management training to meet the training needs of engineers working in DSTA, MINDEF and the SAF.

DSTA Academy’s courses are tailored to meet the unique local defence capability build up and sustainment requirements which are derived from years of cumulated experience in defence capability development, proven process and based on system life cycle perspective.

The courses are delivered by DSTA’s experienced Programme Managers and Subject Matter Experts. We also leverage the knowledge and insights of our partners from MINDEF and the SAF to bring real and valuable operational experience into the classroom. Besides technical knowledge & procurement processes, project implementation experiences and leadership skills are included in all our courses.

DSTA Academy believes in learning at the speed of business in the digital age. We have broadened the Systems Engineering scope to include new and emerging requirements so that our programme managers are confident in delivering user-centric systems that are data enabled, resilient and cyber-safe by design.

As part of continuous learning, Academy has curated a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) with the technical domain experts in DSTA and developed many e-learning modules for our engineers to learn at their own pace and time.

DSTA Academy also plays a lead role in the curation and publication of professional journals (e.g. DSTA Horizons) to share with the wider community completed innovative engineering projects, systems studies and Systems Engineering methodologies developed by DSTA staff.

  • Design and deliver Milestone and Specialised courses for engineering staff in the defence technology community

  • Provide course participants with an immersive environment to learn project management and systems engineering

  • Develop project case studies as part of systematic knowledge management for the purpose of learning and education

  • Publish DSTA Horizons, a repository of DSTA’s diverse expertise in technology and innovative engineering work done

  • Provide relevant print and electronic information resources that staff can access conveniently and support research