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The Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs), built to replace the Fearless-class Patrol Vessels, are ‘uniquely Singaporean’. Its design was jointly conceived by the DSTA-RSN project team while its Combat Management System (CMS) was developed in-house by DSTA.

Collaborating with industry partners, the multi-disciplinary DSTA team delivered the LMVs – which are smarter, faster, and mission-flexible ships – with increased capabilities and endurance to undertake a wider spectrum of operations. Despite being bigger, faster and more complex than its predecessors, the LMV operates with fewer crew. All eight LMVs are expected to be fully operational by 2020.

One of the key features of the LMV is the CMS, an advanced command and control system that harnesses automation, and integrates the sensors and weapons on board. It provides decision support engines to the commanders, with options and recommendations to deal with a wide spectrum of threats, to shorten the decision-making process. For example, the Threat Evaluation and Weapon Assignment engine in the CMS automatically determines the threat level of targets and assigns the most suitable weapon for engagement.

With DSTA’s efforts to synergise automation and design innovation, as well as exploit technologies to realise new frontiers, the LMV programme marked a significant milestone to boost Singapore’s maritime security. The strong collaborative spirit between DSTA, the RSN and its partners enabled an efficient LMV design to be realised – one that is simple to operate and requires reduced resources over its lifespan.