DSTA developed an information system that has led to major improvements in the SAF’s capacity to process geographic information, enabling the dissemination of the information to multiple users in a timely and optimal manner.

To address the diverse needs of different SAF operations, the Integrated Geographic Information System (IGIS) is developed as a common geographic information system (GIS). IGIS provides a suite of essential geospatial tools and integrates a myriad of systems across the SAF to meet different operational challenges. In particular, one of the geospatial tools provides an accurate conversion of location coordinates which helps to ensure the seamless exchange of position information across the SAF.

Compared with a conventional desktop GIS which requires large file sizes and much deployment effort, the IGIS is a lightweight solution which requires minimal installation and hard disk space. Through the one-stop IGIS portal, users can search and stream updated maps, as well as publish geospatial information easily. To reduce the physical server space, power and cooling needs, the team integrated virtualisation technology with GIS which enabled the creation of more virtual machines instead of physical machines. This reduced the number of physical servers by more than 50 per cent.

With the development and integration of critical collaboration and analysis tools, the IGIS has transformed the SAF’s geographic information capability. For its efforts, the team was awarded the prestigious Defence Technology Prize, Team (Engineering) category in September 2012.