DSTA has developed an experimental simulation tool that allows the SAF to test military plans and react to different contingency scenarios effectively and efficiently.

Traditional simulation solutions are unable to evaluate plans fast enough for contingency planning. The team thus took the initiative to experiment with various technologies, introducing two key innovations in the development of the tool. First, the team leveraged an open source simulation engine and developed a rapid plan evaluation tool which enables planners to evaluate various plans and conduct ‘what-if ’ analyses to identify the best plan. Second, the team introduced an automated monitoring function to trigger real-time re-evaluation of plans based on latest situation updates. If the latest updates reveal deviations from the plans, alerts will be sent to the planners. Thus, planners can obtain a glimpse of what might happen and react in a timely manner.

This tool has enabled the SAF to plan ahead and evaluate alternatives, leading to better and more timely decision making. The tool has been deployed for exercises and assessed to have improved the quality of plans and reduced planning time by about 60 per cent.