DSTA has been involved in Exercise Forging Sabre (XFS) to strengthen operations-technology integration since 2009. In 2013, XFS involved an integrated live-firing exercise in Arizona, US, to validate the SAF’s integrated strike capabilities in a realistic and challenging environment.

To detect, track, execute and strike moving targets is not an easy task. Every soldier, asset and capability must work in concert to deliver an integrated strike. DSTA first developed and deployed a suite of lightweight and declassified command and control information systems (CCIS) to enable the conduct of XFS in 2009. Since then, observations and lessons from subsequent exercises have been gathered by the DSTA team to develop, validate and enhance these capabilities.

In XFS 2013, the team developed a tablet-based collaborative whiteboarding feature which was well received by the operators. The team went on to solicit feedback on how to enhance collaboration within the command post.

DSTA’s involvement in XFS has provided DSTA engineers with valuable opportunities to learn from their operational partners about their work processes and concept of operations. The continued evolution of CCIS capabilities is a strong testament to the close partnership between the servicemen and the DSTA team.