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An integrated Operations Centre (IOC) developed by DSTA strengthened the security operations for the National Day Parade (NDP).

The IOC was implemented by DSTA for the NDP Committee’s Command and Control Group (CCG) to monitor the execution of critical events related to all aspects of the parade. In carrying out its mission, CCG received frequent updates on the event’s logistics, medical, transport, security and maintenance activities. It also coordinated closely with officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) at the command post.

With the IOC, the CCG only had to refer to a single system that automatically fused real-time updates and details, instead of monitoring information from disparate sources. This enhanced the richness and timeliness of the common situational picture, which was also extended to the SPF officers.

A mobile C2 was also developed for the ground responders to improve coordination with the CCG. The IOC would disseminate orders and critical information to the ground responders, who could in turn communicate and provide updates via the mobile app. All updates and incidents were also logged automatically for analysis after NDP.

The DSTA team adopted agile software development methodologies and rolled out new capabilities on a weekly basis to keep pace with CCG’s evolving requirements with each NDP rehearsal.

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