With the rapid increase in the amount of information generated, command and control (C2) systems require an easy aggregation and visualisation of disparate multimedia information to help commanders in sense making. Conventional C2 toolkits have limited multimedia capabilities and require significant effort to develop the necessary applications.

To achieve a breakthrough, the DSTA team looked beyond the C2 domain and saw the potential of leveraging a design and visualisation tool that is used widely in the broadcasting industry. This tool was used during London Olympics 2012 to overlay animations onto the soccer field in real time to explain tactics displayed in the game. DSTA innovatively adapted this real-time multimedia capability for C2 applications, making it possible to develop command post C2 systems with intuitive user interface designs complemented by multimedia content. This has enabled the design of advanced user interfaces and complex 3D animation, which can enhance commanders’ ability to sense make. This approach of sourcing for solutions beyond C2 has increased the efficiency of DSTA’s engineers and shortened their C2 software development cycle.