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DSTA partnered the Singapore Army to develop a mobile perimeter defence solution based on a remote sense-shoot architecture, which is centred on a command and control (C2) system. The mobile perimeter defence solution augments defence against coastal threats, which requires persistent and comprehensive surveillance, and the means to respond to threats quickly.

The C2 system was designed and developed by DSTA to incorporate an open and scalable system architecture to allow flexibility in integrating with multiple sensors and shooters. Leveraging the SAF’s new Unmanned Watch Towers (UWT) as the sensor, and the in-service remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) as the shooter, the team embarked on integrating and validating the remote sense-shoot capability for coastal defence.

Developed jointly by DSO National Laboratories and DSTA, the UWTs support the SAF’s coastal surveillance operations. They employ a suite of commercial off-the-shelf cameras augmented with a cognitive system, a form of advanced artificial intelligence (AI), to perform video analytics. The video analytics can automatically detect small boats and swimmers, as well as track and alert operators on potential maritime threats 24/7. As the UWTs are mobile, they can be redeployed anywhere on demand to enhance surveillance capability for homeland coastal security. The UWTs can also adapt to the new environment quickly through their machine-learning algorithm.

DSTA integrated the C2 system with surveillance feeds from several UWTs, enabling operators to monitor multiple surveillance sites remotely in real time. Being scalable in design, the C2 system can also be integrated subsequently with other sensors. The DSTA team developed the C2 system, incorporating sensors with AI algorithms so that it can perform cognitive tasks beyond a human’s capability. This allowed the SAF to simplify its operational workflow and reduce manpower demands.

To facilitate quick response to threats, the central C2 system is also integrated with the RCWS.

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