To boost the RSAF’s training capabilities, DSTA developed an Air Defence Simulator (ADS) for crew-level and platoon-level training for short-range air defence system operators. The development of ADS required diverse capabilities and complex systems integration, in particular with the RSAF’s command and control systems. The DSTA team took charge of the overall systems integration and tapped individual strengths of various industry partners to deliver the ADS successfully. In the process, the team mitigated integration risks for the system contractor, reaping significant cost savings.

As part of the measures to mitigate the integration risks, the team was attached to the system contractor to participate in the joint development of the main simulator. The team focused on the systems integration architecture and interfaces which contributed to the smooth and successful integration on site. In the process, the team also acquired in depth knowledge of the main simulator system design which enhanced local capabilities for system maintenance and upgrade.

Another success factor for the project was the close partnership between the DSTA team and the end users. Throughout the implementation phase, the DSTA team worked hand-in-hand with the end users to ensure the delivery of a highly realistic training system to the RSAF.