DSTA introduced a new capability to enhance the seaward base defence at Changi Naval Base in the form of a floating barrier that would deter potential seaward threats from nearing the berthed ships. 

The DSTA team understood the constraints that the berthing ships would face after the floating barrier is installed. This led the team to implement a continuous long span of floating barrier using a large single-leaf floating barrier gate with no intermediate support. The floating barrier system has the largest single-leaf floating barrier gate in the world.

Delivering this unprecedented capability was a challenge on its own, as the team had to ensure that the system was compatible with local conditions and capable of meeting the operational requirement for the gate to be towed open or closed in the shortest time possible.

The team went through many design iterations with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the RSN to reduce the risk of obstruction and ensure navigational safety. Tapping expertise from naval systems, the team was able to incorporate this floating barrier into the existing base defence set-up to ensure that they work together as an integrated base defence system.