Set up in 1967, the Sembawang Country Club caters mainly to SAF members and its alumni. It has served the SAF well and has been identified as one of the three key pillars of the SAF’s social engagement networks. However, the club’s infrastructure had aged over time and a refresh was needed to engage the younger SAF population more effectively. DSTA was thus appointed to oversee a major refurbishment of the club.

As part of the revamp, a complete refurbishment of the clubhouse, and the reshaping and reprofiling of the whole golf course were proposed. The team worked with the SAF to prioritise the requirements based on a limited budget. Balancing costs and requirements, the team worked out innovative options to ensure that the club’s needs were not compromised. One example was the team’s use of existing ground profile to create a challenging yet appealing golf course without massive earthworks to reshape the golf course. A large portion of the existing buggy path, trees and earth was retained. The clubhouse was also innovatively redesigned to meet the desired workflow and ambience of a social hub for young members and their families.

Throughout the construction period, the team worked closely with the club to ensure that it could continue its operations with minimal disruptions. In October 2012, the club was unveiled with modern facilities, giving its members and guests a more positive club experience.