To extend the Sembawang Airbase runway to its full operational length, DSTA delivered the new northern Airfield Lighting System (ALS) to the RSAF in October 2013.

The DSTA team was tasked to improve the reliability of power provision to the ALS. The team first conducted risk analysis and design reviews prior to system implementation. This was followed by factory acceptance tests, site acceptance tests, and system commissioning to ensure that the system met users’ requirements.

The team introduced several enhancements to the ALS. First, fibre optic cables instead of conventional copper cables were used between the Air Traffic Control Tower and the ALS. This maintained signal data integrity and increased resilience against lightning induced surges over long distances between the two locations. Second, touchscreen control panels were implemented at the Air Traffic Control Tower to enhance users’ experience and improve the operational efficiency of the ALS.

With the new northern ALS delivered successfully to the RSAF, the runway is able to support operations for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. This has further enhanced the RSAF’s operational safety and enabled aircraft navigation under all weather conditions.