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Overseeing NDP2012’s power requirements was a four-member team from DSTA. Composing Senior Engineers Andrew Loh and Lim Jiunn Shyan, Engineer Liu Lingyun, and Senior Technical Officer Chong Boon Chin, the team played a key role in the NDP Technical Support (Power) Committee. Working relentlessly since September 2011, the team has delivered a robust and reliable electrical system consisting of 26 generators and 10km of cables for the special day.

“Our target for NDP2012 is to give the spectators an exciting and memorable experience, as well as help the performers achieve a seamless and well-executed show with a reliable backup power supply,” said Andrew, who is the co-chairman of the Technical Support (Power) Committee.

To ensure that, the team enhanced the power supply available for the PA and sound and the show lighting systems this year. This was achieved by a careful separation of electrical load and designing independent power sources for the loads. In particular, the team split the power requirements for the PA and sound system into two separate islands that are independent of each other, where each island comprises a few power generators. A similar power system was also implemented for the show lightings.

The team also conducted regular inspections to ensure all equipment and systems are in tip-top condition to operate at their best to offer a spectacular sound and lights extravaganza.

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