DSTA delivered 12 new M-346 Advanced Jet Trainers along with a full suite of ground-based training devices to the RSAF. These replace the RSAF’s ageing A-4SU Super Skyhawk trainers.

The DSTA team continued to improve the capabilities and efficiency of the training devices to complement actual flying. In particular, the Personal Training Device (PTD) and the Enhanced Real Time Monitoring System (ERTMS) were fielded for training.

The PTD enables pilot trainees to carry out self-paced interactive learning in a realistic synthetic environment with a high-fidelity virtual M-346 cockpit. With the introduction of the PTD, the team conceptualised various training scenarios for the system. The team also worked closely with industry partners to improve the proposed prototype of the PTD. This included enhancing the visual display for greater versatility of the system to accommodate various training scenarios. As a result, the team delivered an effective game-based learning experience for trainees to practise and develop a variety of pilot skill sets.

Besides the PTD, the team also delivered the ERTMS, a groundbased system which facilitates the real time monitoring of training missions. In addition, the system allows trainers to provide real-time instructional inputs and introduce targets into the virtual training system on board the aircraft. This has enhanced the effectiveness of air combat training significantly by adding another dimension of coaching that was previously unavailable to fighter pilot training.

With the introduction of the PTD and ERTMS, the M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer will take the quality of fighter pilot training to greater heights.