The RSAF’s F-15SG Strike Eagle multi-role fighter aircraft was declared fully operational in September 2013. DSTA spearheaded the acquisition by working with various industry partners to ensure the seamless integration of the aircraft systems for a successful delivery.

To meet the RSAF’s requirements, the DSTA team tailored the F 15SG as a unique variant of the F-15, with the integration of the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar and electronic warfare suite. With an extended detection range, the AESA radar enables the F-15SG to identify and engage targets before it is detected, allowing it to achieve air superiority over the battlefield.

The team proposed several cost effective recommendations to the RSAF. Keeping abreast of industry and technology trends, the team anticipated that a newer version of the aircraft’s engine would be available soon. As the newer engine requires one less overhaul cycle during its lifetime, the team recommended to hold the purchase of spare engines and to acquire the most advanced version in the market. This achieved a total cost savings of more than US$10 million per life cycle for spare engines.