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Source: Cyberpioneer

The upgrade of the RSAF’s F-16 fighter fleet represents a cost-effective approach to modernising and extending the operational lifespan of the aircraft, which first entered service in 1998. This upgrade introduces new and advanced capabilities to keep the aircraft operationally relevant.

DSTA structured the upgrade to deliver on all fronts. The F-16’s new key capabilities would include an advanced Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar that greatly extends the F-16’s range of detecting and engaging threats. The arsenal of air-to-ground weapons has grown to include advanced weapons such as the Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition. The aircraft’s cockpit has also been enhanced with an additional new display, improving battlespace awareness and enhancing pilot-aircraft interactions.

To ensure smooth execution, the team worked closely with various domain experts within DSTA to address technical challenges, and engaged the RSAF actively to understand and meet its requirements.

With the programme underway, the F-16 upgrade will pave the way for a more capable and cost-efficient F-16 aircraft for the RSAF.

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