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DSTA managed the acquisition of the SPIKE Short Range (SR) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) for the SAF.

The ATGM replaced the ageing 84mm Recoilless Rifle (RR) that had been in service with the Army for a few decades. It is a one-man-portable weapon system with key features which include an uncooled and fixed day/night-capable electro-optical seeker and tracker, a tandem high-explosive anti-tank warhead and a compact propulsion system that provides the Army with a small and light anti-tank capability of up to 1km with high probability of hit.

While the initial plan was to replace the 84mm RR with a commercial off-the-shelf weapon system, the DSTA team decided to include the SPIKE SR ATGM – a developmental system at that time – into the tender to widen competition and potentially drive down the acquisition cost. Through this procurement process, the Army benefitted from the delivery of a more cost-effective weapon system. Significant cost savings were also achieved through the use of more advanced technology in the SPIKE SR ATGM, which negated the need for a night sight.

The team also reviewed the weapon’s safety design and introduced a two-layer flight termination system as an added safety precaution. Having the ability to conduct local live-firing of the SPIKE SR ATGM without sending troops and equipment overseas achieve significant cost avoidance in terms of logistics and operating costs.

The SPIKE SR ATGM is currently fully operational, and has since been used in live-firing trainings.