Harnessing People and Technology for Excellence
19 Mar 2018

As a recipient of the Singapore Quality Award 2017, DSTA was invited alongside other organisations to speak on our best practices at the annual Business Excellence Award Winners Sharing Conference. Held on 13 March 2018, the event which included a panel discussion was attended by 400 professionals from both the public and private sector.

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Against the backdrop of an evolving operating environment, Deputy Director (Corporate Planning) Wong Hsin Min elaborated on how DSTA harnesses people and technology for innovation.

Using the Staff Development Framework as an example, she highlighted the importance of nurturing staff and helping them to realise their potential. The framework seeks to empower staff to chart their own careers and find meaning in their work.

Hsin Min also touched on several initiatives undertaken by DSTA to foster collaboration and brainstorming among its people. Apart from creating an open-concept office to facilitate discussions and exploration of latest technologies, DSTA has put in place various schemes and funds to encourage staff’s experimentation with ideas for defence and beyond. To give recognition to innovative work, organisation-level awards have been launched. These numerous efforts have paved the way for our people to deliver leading-edge capabilities like the Littoral Mission Vessel and Multi-Mission Range Complex.

At the core of innovation in DSTA is its people, said DSTA Chief Executive Tan Peng Yam during the panel discussion. He shared that it is important to recruit the right people who have a purpose that is aligned with that of the organisation. Additionally, to help staff grow as professionals, sufficient support from the organisation and its leaders should be given.

The next day, a visit was organised for 37 conference delegates to various parts of DSTA Integrated Complex to deepen their understanding of the organisation’s business excellence journey.

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