Nurturing Future Innovators
12 Mar 2021

Over 180 students got a glimpse of the opportunities available in defence technology through the DSTA Scholarship Tea Session from 8 to 12 March 2021.

Organised by DSTA, the event was an opportune platform for students to learn more about the DSTA Scholarship and a career in defence technology.

Through live webinars, students were made privy to how defence engineers leverage emerging technologies to advance Singapore’s defence capabilities. Engineers from DSTA, DSO National Laboratories and Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies were also on hand to share about their exciting scholarship journeys, interesting projects they had worked on, and answer various questions from curious students.


Sharing her experience with the Global Internship Programme, Engineer (C3 Development) Kek Jing Yu spoke about her time with a multinational company in Belgium. During the stint, she got to work on a maritime traffic project, which helped identify illegal maritime activities through the use of machine learning algorithms.

The engineers also piped in about opportunities for continuous learning, such as in-house hackathons and Capture-the-Flag events. Principal Engineer (C3 Development) Jonathan Ong added: “We have regular video conferences with universities and partners around the world to learn from one another and exchange perspectives to deepen discussions.”

Giving the students sneak peeks into innovative solutions DSTA has developed, Senior Engineer (Advanced Systems) Donovan Chan recalled how he and his team delivered a wireless communication system for unmanned robotics.

“It was a huge challenge because we had to achieve real-time control of the robots, but we knew that the system would improve how soldiers approached threats and conduct surveillance – that made our efforts meaningful,” he said.

Interested in a career in defence technology? Check out the DSTA Scholarship here.