1. What are the objectives of the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp 2018?

The Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp 2018 aims to raise awareness and generate interest among students in cyber defence and security.


2. Who is eligible to participate in the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp 2018?

JC/IP Group

All full-time students from local Junior Colleges (JC) and Integrated Programme (IP) Year 5 and 6 are welcome to participate in the camp.

University/Poly Group

All full-time students from local polytechnics and local universities are welcome to participate in the camp.

3. Are there any prerequisites to take part in the camp?

JC/IP Group

None, as training will be provided.

Participants in the JC/IP Group will also be provided with laptops for the on-site competition on 11 June 2018.

University/Poly Group

As training is optional, participants should possess an understanding of the fundamentals of cyber defence techniques and methodologies.

Laptops will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants of the University/Poly Group are encouraged to bring their own laptops for the on-site competition on 11 June 2018.

4. I have taken part in previous Cyber Defenders Discovery Camps. Am I eligible to take part in the camp again?

Yes. You are welcome to participate again, as the competition challenges would be different from past editions of the camp.

Formation of Team

5. Why is there a need to form a team?

During the competition, you will work together in teams to take part in various challenges and pit your collective skills against other teams.

6. What is the size and composition of each team?

Each team should comprise four members, of which at least two members should be Singapore Citizens. This applies to both the JC/IP and University/Poly Groups.

7. Can students from different schools form a team?

Yes, as long as the participants are registering for the same group.

8. I am interested to register for the camp, but I am unable to form a team. What should I do?

You can register as an individual or as a group of two or three. The Organiser will help you form a team with other applicants where possible.

9. Can a participating team make changes to the team composition after registration?

Yes. The team will be required to submit the request (including a justification) in writing to the Organisers at cddc@dsta.gov.sg by 5 May 2018. All requests will be subject to the Organisers’ approval.


10. Where can I register for the camp and what is the registration deadline?

The registration form can be downloaded at the registration page. Registration closes on 29 April 2018. You are encouraged to submit your application early. All completed forms should be sent via email to cddc@dsta.gov.sg.

11. Is there a registration fee?


12. Is there a selection process after registration?

As there are limited places in the camp, there will be a selection process after registration closes. Successful applicants will be notified by 13 May 2018.

13. Is it mandatory that I/my parent/guardian sign(s) the undertaking form?


Camp Logistics

15. Is the pre-competition briefing on 8 June 2018 compulsory?

Yes. All participants of the on-site competition are required to attend the induction programme.

16. When will the camp be held?

The camp will be held on 8 and 11 June 2018.

17. Where will the camp be held?

The venue will be announced at a later date.

18. Will meals be provided during the camp?

Yes. Meals will be provided on 8 and 11 June 2018. If you have any special dietary requirements, please indicate them in your registration form.

19. Is it compulsory to attend the online training programme prior to the competition?

The online training programme is compulsory for all participants of the JC/IP Group, as well as participants of the University/Poly Group who have opted in during registration.

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