1. What are the objectives of Today I Learned (TIL) 2019?

TIL 2019 aims to raise awareness and nurture interest in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) among students by teaching basic AI techniques and showing real-world applications of AI.


2. Who is eligible for TIL 2019?


All full-time students from local Junior Colleges, Integrated Programme (IP) Schools (Year 5 and 6) and Institutes of Technical Education are welcome to register for the camp.

University/Poly Group

All full-time students from local universities and polytechnics are welcome to register for the camp.

3. Are there any prerequisites to take part in the camp?

None, as training will be provided.

Formation of Team

4. Why is there a need to form a team?

During the competition, you will work together in teams to take part in various challenges and pit your collective skills against other teams.

5. What is the size and composition of each team?

Each team should comprise four members. This applies to both the JC/IP/ITE and Uni/Poly categories.

6. I am interested to register for the camp, but I am unable to form a team. What should I do?

You can register as an individual or as a group of two or three. The Organisers will help you form a team with other registrants where possible.

7. Can students from different schools form a team?

Yes, as long as the participants are registering for the same category (JC/IP/ITE or Uni/Poly).

8. Can a participating team make changes to the team composition after registration?

Yes. The team will be required to submit the request (including a justification(s)) to the Organisers at til@dsta.gov.sg by 15 May 2019. All requests will be subject to the Organisers’ approval.


9. Where can I register for the camp and what is the registration deadline?

Registration for TIL AI Camp has closed on 21 April 2019. We thank you for your interest.

If you would still like to be part of BrainHack 2019, you are welcome to sign up for the Tech Showcase on 13 to 14 June 2019! Don’t miss this exclusive chance to interact with and try out exciting real-life applications of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Register here. Successful registrants will be notified through email.

10. Is there a registration fee?


11. Is there a selection process after registration?

As there are limited places in the camp, there will be a selection process after registration closes. Successful registrants will be notified by 7 May 2019.

Camp Logistics

12. Will meals be provided during the camp?

Yes. Meals will be provided during the pre-competition workshops and briefs (3 and 4 June 2019), as well as competition days (13 and 14 June 2019). If you have any dietary requirements, please indicate them in the registration form.

13. Do I need to bring my laptop? What specification should my laptop have?

Yes, participants are required to bring their own WIFI-enabled laptop that is installed with Internet browsers (Chrome version 73 and above, Firefox version 66 and above). We will provide participants with access to an online coding platform installed with standardised deep learning toolbox.

14. I heard about BrainHack 2019 and Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp (CDDC). What are these and how are they related to TIL?

BrainHack 2019 encompasses TIL, CDDC and a technology showcase. To find out more about CDDC, please click here.

15. Will I be able to take part in both CDDC and TIL camps?

No, as both camps are held concurrently. Participants may rank their choices within the registration form.

16. Is it compulsory to attend the pre-competition workshop or briefing?

Attendance for the workshop is strongly recommended as participants will learn basic AI techniques to enable them to get the most out of the competition. In the event that some team members are unable to attend the pre-competition briefing, at least one representative from each team would be required to attend to get familiar with the competition platform and receive the information packs.

Competition Format

17. What will the competition involve?

The competition will consist of a computer vision challenge where teams will compete to classify images according to their defined categories. For more information, please visit the competition format section.

18. What are the judging criteria?

Key judging criteria include the team’s model performance, creativity in problem solving and ability to clearly explain and present their solution.

Model performance will be evaluated on a test dataset against popular metrics. The team’s creativity in processing datasets, presenting new model architectures and applying innovation will be considered. Teams are encouraged to explain their data preparation process, modelling techniques, choice of model and innovations.

19. Can I still take part in the Tech Showcase even if I am not a CDDC or TIL participant?

Yes. Interested students may register here. Successful registrants will be notified through email.

Other Questions

For further enquiries, contact the Organisers at til@dsta.gov.sg.

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